Designed specially for rooftops

Integrates with roofing surface
> No mounting hardware
> No roof penetrations
> No wind load

Flexible module
> Fits many roof types
> Durable, non-breakable

Light weight
> 3.3 kg/m2 (0.7 lb/ft2) with adhesive
> No structural reinforcement required

More energy per roof

High efficiency CIGS
> 10.4% to 12.6% aperture efficiency
> 50% more efficient than flexible a-Si

High performance
> Performs in all light conditions
> Shade tolerant

Covers entire roof area
> Lays flat. No tilt required
> Minimum module spacing required

Lower installed system costs

Large format module
> 225-300 Watts
> 5.74m x 0.5m dimensions
> 30% to 40% savings in BOS & installation costs

Download our PDF to find out more about RetroFIT (1.20MB)